Wednesday, 29 June 2016

science Experiment.

Making a rainbow.
t2 explain science Experiments.
Me and my buddy are doing making a rainbow.Me and my buddy got a big glass of water.I got a white piece of paper.
And we stake the glass of water by the window and we watch it go into a rainbow. But then the rainbow dispid. And we cide to make the rainbow came back.But we couldn't get the rainbow back.
The end result.
So we cide but we couldn't get it back so we tipped the water out and we tried again.And then we code see the rainbow shining through the sun and it kept on shining for 5 mins.Then it was time to pack up so we tipped the water out.And then we chakt the white paper and put a way the staff we needed.   

inside it can spill

 By Henry.

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