Wednesday, 31 August 2016


My project farm tour for Olympic tourists     

At school.
I did a farm tour for the  Olympic people when they came over.
You will need
  • 1. Fences.
  • 2. Gates.
  • 3. Hay bail.
  • 4. Tractor.
  • 5. Barn’s.
  • 6.Dogs.
  • 7. Trees.
  • 8. Wool.
  • 9. Cardboard.
  • 10. Pbl Clue.
  • 11. Lim ston.
And i chose to do a farm tour because when the Olympic people came to new Zealand and they Spenserian on a farm.and what to do on a farm felt cool because i finish my project. and i used my managing distractions persevered muscle and integrity. and i didn't  like it when people tech my work and i keep on telling them to stop tech my work and i just want to push them away.and i did like it when people didn't tech my project and Levitt it along.and i felt happy because i bung in my farm animals.


My reflection is i felt that i did lots of work on my project and when i finished it it felt that i didn't do that much work but  i did do lots of work on my project everything went fine on my project and i felt that my project when fast and my project was easy i used my persevered maging distraction and integrity.and same times i wasn't focused on my project but then i got back and focused on my project and i made a change on my project and

paora winitana