Thursday, 22 September 2016

HB cross country

today we when to a cross country run and there where 60 samthing kids there in are year group. We had a great time there and it was realy fun.

what was challenging?
when we where runing it was challenging because it was 1500 meters. We had to go ran around the back of the stadium and it was hard  because the limestone and it was hard on my feet.My breath went dry and going up hills was hard.

what where your result?
i came 9 in the run and i was hard staying in the top 10 because people where over taking me but i stade  in 9th  plase. If you came in the top 3 you get a medal and if your first you get a medal and a trofey and i was the only wan that was in the top 10 in the parkvale how went.

how did you feel at the end?
it felt cool because i was going fast down the end and people where about to bet me.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

calendar art

This is my calendar art;
What I did for my calendar art:
I put green, blue, orange, red, light blue and light green in my calendar art.The koru are some of my family and friends.  It took a long time. The hard thing for me was to keep the colors in the line and to not keep using the same colors. What I did well was putting vivid around the side. One thing I like about my art was doing the koru and doing the outlining. If I could do this again I would colors in the background.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Reflecting on blind throws -P.E

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on Blind Throws - P.E

What went well? Why? How?
That are team was working together because they were focused on the game and they listen.

How did it feel as a Learner when playing Blind Throws?
It feel cool and excited because we got to throw the beanbag.
One thing I could improve on is …..
Throwing it longer and harder.