Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Moment in Time

A moment in time

Drive in movie/out side Yay we get popcorn where's my popcorn Mrs Lowe it's coming yay here it comes here you go henry yay thanks Mrs Lowe yum popcorn i love popcorn.the movie was home alone 2 it was a lone time we got ice cream and my car I got biten by a mossies it was a big bit in are car we got to have a pillow to liy on it my car was the bigest car in the group the aver cars were smaller than min and next to me was jimmy and cooper jimmys was a truck. and coopers was a normal car cooper broke his car. and kevin broke his as well and my van was green the movie was good I nell fall asleep. but . we were outside for a long time watching the movie. it was cool wacking the movie. and when I look out the of van it was dark with stars up in the eeee and I saw lots of moths on the movie.some of the kids ask Mr kenny if they could go to bed because they were tired but I did not ask to go to bed because I wasn't tired. but when I looked out the side of my car and it was more dark than before. when I looked out when it was dark it was not cold though .and there were more and more and more moths were coming. and where ever there was a light they would go there to the light. it was around 10 o'clock .we could see the bugs fly past as and thay were going frow my van. and they went over people's head there was lot and lots of moths everywhere then the movie finished. and Mr kenny shouted to people to go up the stairs and towed as to brush our teeth and then.he said time for bed so we went to bed for the next day at camp so we got rest. By Henry

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