Tuesday, 21 February 2017

About Me

My best hobby is riding dirt bikes and riding bikes.I have a kawasaki klx and I am a pro motocross. I love riding motorbikes because they are fun . Dirt bikes are fun because when you are a pro it's way more easier and you get to race a lot.

Best memory when I went to England. I saw a pheasant looking at me. It
was cool because I have never seen a pheasant in real life but I didn't touch it because it would peak me really bad.It would hurt if they got the mouth over the finger.

Fun fact, what I like is dirt bikes,dogs,sheep,cows,bikes and I like cars and quads.I am a boy a I live in the country and I like doing everything out there  because there is lots of things that are fun to do in the open.you really can do anything you want to do in the open.

What makes me laugh is that sometimes when my mum is silly I start laughing and when my dad is silly. when my dad wheelies I laugh because they are big.and everything that my dad does sometimes makes me laugh and more.

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