Monday, 7 March 2016

Thank you letter

Dear mum.

Thanks for coming and helping us with all the activities even helping me do my car and thanks for preparing our food for us and looking after us and thanks for everything you did.  I hope you can come again to camp and thanks for helping as with the cars and thanks for helping us in the river. I hope you had a great 3 days of a camp and thanks for preparing our breakfast and morning tea and lunch thanks for coming and have a great day.
What were the highlights for you?
I like to go down the river on the on the tube and I like going in the bamboo
t       thanks for taking care of our   group
h     I hope you had a  great time at camp
a       you are an awesome mum
n       you help us cope at camp
k       kind with make us breakfast
s       you are an awesome mum
l        makes as laugh
y        you made as yum food
n        you  were kind at camp
n        you know what to do

e excellent at doing everything

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