Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Lost Story

One day when we and my mum were have a picnic by a side of a bank. Then i ask mum can i go get a big stick. Yes said mum be back in a minute .Because i'm leaving. So i got a stick. But i can't find my way out so i shout out but no answer. And then i started crying because. I can't find my mum .And do i have to sleep here tonight. And will i be found later .I hop i get find today or i will get eaten by animals. Nooooooooo i shouted.

I will go get some leaves and dirt to pot on me to keep me warm. But what happens if i doesn't work. I will get cold. I will haft to get big leaves and lots of dirt. I better start now or it will be dark . I will have to tie the knot in the end of the leaves.And put lots of dirt on the leaves. 20 leaves and lots of dirt.It took a few hours to get the leaves. And get dirt. Finally i finish do knotting and get leaves and dirt .Yay i got my stuff ready for the night were

Will i get my food from i am getting really tired and i am thirsty where will I find a lake to get water from. Wait can i hear water flowing down it .Sands like it's coming from the east . I'll go see if its a lake. It took a few minutes  to get there.Finally i got there it was a big stem flowing down .Hmmm how will i get a bucket i now o ll get weeds and i'll tie them together . It work but will it garey water so i put it in the water and it work yes i made 3 of them

Now i can get my water from the stream But how will i get my food. Then i look  around and i saw lot of  string. I fort that i god make a trap in a tree i made 10 of them. I came back a hour later and i got 9 birds I know that i god make more traps. And more So i got more bird what did i see shining it was 50 nails and a hammer. And there was lots of woo Then i fort i can make a little house. So i cleared the twigs out of the house  And there are enough

wood to make a door. So i got my bed And put my bed in the house It was nearly dark. But lucky i got my home ready for the night Then it was 7 o'clock. So i thought i will go to sleep early for the next day.
By Henry.

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