Monday, 31 October 2016

How maui found the secret of fire

One night  maui thought what could happen to the fire if someone put them out.  Maui the trickster while everyone was asleep he poured heaps of water on the fires in the pa. In the morning the people from the pa were furious calling maui you stupid Idiot do you know what you have done. You now have to go to the volcano and get more fire. everyone from the pa refused to go with maui only his friends wanted to go with him.Kiwi,Pukeko,and,Tui and Huia. .It was a long way to the volcano and when he arrived at the smoking mountain maui saw a small flame.He told the bird to wait for him as he enter the volcano by himself.Then he saw a old woman anty Mahuika all the fires have gone out. On her fingers was a flame. Aunty gave maui a flame.On the way home he dropped the flame in the stream,and it went out. When he went back to his aunty he said to her can i
Please have a flame no more flames said aunty mahuika so she got so angry at him.the tip of each finger was 10 flames.when she was so angry.she went to throw her last flame at the kaikomako tree maui went to snap and crack 2 littli branches off and took them back to the pa.When he got back he showed them how to make flame  by rubbing the two sticks together.By doing this thay will never go without a fire again.


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