Thursday, 8 June 2017


Forest Images for Writing
Learning Intention: We are learning to be Resourceful by Capitalising and making good use of the things that are available for us to use in the classroom to help us with our learning.

Paired/Individual Writing

How: Choose a buddy to write with or work by yourself.


  • I support the main ideas with enough detail to give the reader a clear and engaging picture.

  • I write sentences that mostly make sense.

  • I use language features to extend or clarify meaning and engage the audience.
    • Similes
    • Metaphor
    • Personification
    • Onomatopeia

2.bow man.
3.trees                                     ralf.

Ralf was a man out in the open, where anyone could see him. when he turned around and saw lots of trees plus a stream going into the forest. He wondered??  what was in there, so he walked in but their was no more space up on the side because it was taken by the trees. Nooooooo he said in his mind. He looked down and his feet were numb and tingly, he really wanted to get out.Then he started to walk but then he felt something on his feet he looked down and picked up something he looked at it then he realized that was meat it was floppy and squishy and hanging down his hand. Suddenly he heard something move he looked he knows someone is there.He thought do i want to get in trouble so he left straight away.Then the little bow man can ran away and do stuff.but the man was still finding stuff to do.he gets lonely a lot of the time while mean while the bow man was running free across the paddock into the tree to cut all the trees down so all the trees can die!!!

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